You are NOT multi-tasking.

How to overload your brain 101

Michal Malewicz
6 min readFeb 12, 2024


Apple vision pro multitasking

Many people say they love multi-tasking. It means they do multiple things all at once.

That is a lie.

There is no such things as true multi-tasking. It’s not how our brain works. Unless you count breathing, holding an upright position and blinking while you work on your computer multi-tasking.

Evolution has given us a powerful computer inside our heads but it can only do one focus-requiring task at any given time.

Sure — all the system processes like breathing, blinking and holding pee in are running in the background but you literally just have ONE mental window open.

human multi tasking

What is multi-tasking?

If someone looks like they’re multi-tasking, it’s actually task-switching.

It means they quickly switch between tasks and it happens so fast it may feel like they’re doing many things at once.

But except for some differently wired unique people (trust me you’re probably not one of them) it’s actually a messy process. We lose a lot of brain-power to do that and the quality of…