Yes, it can be interpreted this way, but we’re aiming to fix the problem from another direction. The UX + Business part is essential for success (and even more so than the actual “usability”). At the moment the general usability of digital products is at an all time high — we know how to register, onboard and guide the users, there’s a lot of those good practices.

The two main problems are in the business analysis (i.e. making a product that makes sense) and in UI. There’s sooo many “usable” products with huge UI problems that decrease the overall quality and positive feelings towards the product.

So fixing the UI is not just coloring it better, but making it clearer, easier to read and more polished. Something all companies should do.

The whole part about being fast is simply exercising your ability to identify those rather easy problems quickly and fixing them. But business analysis and the general concept for the product needs a lot of time to do right.

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