X Rebranding Exercise explained

Here’s a quick thought process on how to approach a simple branding.

Michal Malewicz


X platform rebranding

Let me take you through a quick rebranding exercise.

I’ll call it a middle ground between “just make me a logo” and a full, precise branding process professional branding agencies do.

Here’s a short, quick and dirty way you should approach designing logos as a UI designer (so not a Brand Designer).

I’ll walk you through what I did and why, and then I’ll share some thoughts on the rebranding itself and the chosen logo.

x logo twitter

Take note, that it seems like the crowdsourcing logo contest is already over and the above entry has won. My point here wasn’t to win, but rather to show how I think about a brand, so you can use it when working on your own stuff.

Many juniors think about a logo in terms of just a simple shape.
Like I’ll do some vector lines, add a fill, pick a font and we’re done here.

That can work if you’re making fake logos for a portfolio landing page, but if it’s a logo for something real it needs a little more than a shape.

It needs meaning.

Many juniors think about a logo in terms of just a simple shape.

twitter — x rebranding

Twitter is changing its name to X.

So the first thing to do, before you start sketching any X-like shapes is to step back and think.

What is X? What does it stand for in the context of twitter?

Here’s what I came up with:

What is X?

X marks the spot. It’s in the center of the conversation.
It’s where ideas connect.