Will AI take your UX Job?

Can AI do UX better than humans? Can it learn?

Michal Malewicz


AI in UX design

For years there has been a joke floating around of a mythical “make design button” that project managers would press and boom, a design would instantly appear before their eyes.

Of course the reality was that they did press a button, usually a send button in an angry email demanding something for yesterday, and a designer would do overtime to create that work.

Make Design Button

Well now things have changed a little bit and there sort of is a make design button — for real this time.

IT’s called DALL-E2 and it’s a visual art generator powered by AI that creates high quality images based on simple text prompts. It’s made by Open AI and it’s currently being gradually shown to people, but there is no pricing and actual business model announced yet.

Prefer watching?

I also made a video in which I talk about AI, UX and potential future, so if you prefer to watch it — with more examples you can do so below:

What’s the deal with DALL-E-2?

Dall-e-2 is an AI based digital art generator created by OpenAI. How does it apply to design? Well, before we get to that take a look at this:


Take a look at this Twitter post by Charlota Blunarova — it shows text prompts turned into 3d-icons, similar to the ones we notoriously see on the web.

And yes, they’re not perfect, they’re not super consistent, they’re not modifiable. And they did require many separate tries and some corrections to get to this set.