UI Design Feedback is live!

Learn and progress your UI skills

Michal Malewicz
3 min readFeb 29, 2024
UI design feedback

If you’re a PRO user of SquarePlanet you can now receive Feedback on your projects. We are currently going through 50–100 recent PRO user projects every day and leaving short, actionable tips on how to improve.

While we don’t guarantee feedback for everyone, it’s a great way to learn because all PRO users also have access to comments we left on projects of OTHER users, not just your own.

Squareplanet comments


The feedback is contextual, just like you’re already used to with Figma or Sketch comments. Meaning each comment is left in a specific place of your design, not just “under” the image.

That allows you to quickly and efficiently grasp what the issue is and how to fix it.

There are three dot types:

  • Green dot means an active, unresolved comment.
  • Grey dot means you marked it as “Done”
  • Black dot is the currently active, open comment.

All the comments are also available as a checklist under the project so you can implement the changes and then check them off like a to-do list.

Squareplanet UI design feedback

How to see your comments?

Feedback notification

Just go to your Dashboard (as a PRO user) and if you have any unresolved comments you will see a notification.

We also have a new tab called FEEDBACK which houses both human feedback and our AI Bot feedback that you can request once a week.

Feedback list on ux ui design

Each project you got feedback on will be displayed on this list and you can go and read / reply to comments from here.

This makes it easier as you don’t need to go through the entire project list to find new comments.

Feedback is essential for growth

This functionality will of course expand and improve and we will be adding an option for you to add comments to projects from others as well and gain special points that you’ll be able to use to …

Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves ;-)

Feedback is essential for growth

We believe feedback is extremely important. This is why we’re doing these comments in a different way. The plan is to avoid meaningless comments like “Nice project, beautiful!” and instead focus on actual feedback you can use to get better.

More to come, and if you’re not a PRO user yet, this is another reason to become one as soon as possible.

We still have about 260 cheaper ($5 per month) seats available, once they’re gone the price goes up to $7 per month, then $9 and ultimately $12.

You can start with a free account right now or jump right into the PRO plan to get challenge guides (it’s WAAAAY easier to do challenges this way because you know what you’re doing), AI Feedback bot, special materials, Q&A sessions and exclusive events.

And we’re just getting started.

By the way, in case you didn’t know we have almost 12,000 designers already registered and over 46,000 design projects uploaded! Join the club now!