This is your future life.

Joe’s day.

Michal Malewicz


Joe’s day in the VR world

Meet Joe!

He’s from the future. It’s the year 2030 to be precise. Let’s sketch a little global background.

In 2030 the United States is split in two parts between two main parties and is de facto two separate countries. They quickly establish trade deals with each other though.

Netflix officially reaches more subscribers than humans alive, because some AI’s need to be busy with stimuli to not go insane — kind of like us humans needing sleep. They need to binge TV.

There’s no meat, no cars and almost no travel. Remote work is king. Elon Musk is the president of America 2. Taylor Swift is the president of America 1. All countries at war in 2024 are still at war in 2030 but now the media filters most of it out. It had a negative impact on productivity and GDP.

Now back to Joe’s day.

When Joe wakes up in his bed under a blue blanket

6 am

He wakes up every morning at 6am.

A smart tracker found it to be an optimal time for him. All bio markers are measured at wake up and necessary supplements are outlined for the day to be taken with his breakfast.

Every aspect of his life and vitals is measured, tracked and outlined for maximum optimisation.

Joe brushing his teeth

6:30 am

He brushes his teeth with a sonic toothbrush. Still, six years into the future nothing better was invented. Now it just works a year on one charge.

While brushing he humms the newest TaylorSwiftBot AI song. Since becoming the president of America one she has no time for music so the label replaced her with AI.

Few people noticed. The holograms on live shows are like sooooo good now!

On a side note:

Fluoride was banned in 2026 after it was clearly linked to average IQ decline among young americans. It’s still in tap water though as replacing those…