The UX of are you STUPID?

It’s more real than you think.

The UX of dark patterns
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By any means necessary

The first thing they ask you to do is to find a way to squeeze the user out of more money by any means necessary.

Dark patterns

Dark patterns are designed and requested more often than you think, but to defeat your enemy you must first know your enemy, right?!

Sneak into basket dark pattern
You select something for $120, click add to basket and suddenly you’re paying $150 instead.

Sneak into basket

This one is super common, which proves someone somewhere had to design and then code it — many many times.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel, or choose to just read the article without subscribing 🤷

You’re just subscribing to a new yearly service and on the last step they pre-select an option with an extra item for you. The option to just go with what you previously chosen can be selected, but is not the default. Many people won’t notice that and quickly click on the checkout button. They end up paying more and receiving an extra item that likely didn’t want or need.

dark patterns — sneak into basket ux
Typical domain name providers add a lot of extra stuff you never requested.
FOMO in UX dark pattern
You found a nice deal, and you’re ready to book and then…

Fear of Missing Out

If you ever booked an apartment or a hotel you probably already know this one. Most of those booking sites create a sense of urgency by creating (often false) impression of scarcity, or showing that many people are currently considering the product you’re looking at to push you to act faster.

fomo in ux

419 other people are reading this article right now!


Confirmshaming is using certain phrases to create guilt in the user so they feel like the choice that they prefer is not the right one after all. They often also call you names ;)

Confirmshaming example in UX design
Will you use the app, or are you lame?
Confirmshaming example in UX design
Oh, so you’re not a pro?

Oh, so you’re not a pro… Sorry to hear that!


As you can see these are all designed to trick people into doing something they likely don’t want to do. And coming up with those little tricks is up to us — the designers.

Netflix dark pattern
You check to NOT get spam email… That is just mean.



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