The Figma Free plan limits

A short, two episode series on the limitations, alternatives and potential workarounds

Figma limits the free plan

As you probably already know, Figma is going to limit their free (Starter) plan on April 21st. If you’re unaware of all this, and you’re a Figma user, here’s what’s changing:

Figma starter plan limits

Free software?

Now, I’m not a Figma user (or even a fan), but I wanted to take a closer look at this, as many people were caught by surprise. The same thing, however happened to Adobe XD — a free, very capable plan first, and once you’ve done a lot of projects and created a lot of files — boom — the free plan is free no more. (there is a free plan in XD, but also pretty limited)

I made two videos on this topic.

This one explains why this was completely expected:

And this one about potential alternatives and how you can possibly go around those limitations (not proven to work).

Let me know what you think 😊

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