The end of the internet

can be closer than we think

Michal Malewicz
6 min readFeb 4, 2024


End of the internet

The internet as we know may be coming to an end.

I’ll share with you some changes that I witnessed myself and where I think we’re heading and sadly it’s not going to be pretty.

I mean there is a positive scenario here, but likely one most people won’t be too happy about either.

So let’s take the internet down from Big Ben for a minute and examine it more closely. Yeah, you can hold it too but don’t drop it!

IT Crowd The Internet

The internet

We have come to take the internet for granted and, like a slowly boiling frog have accepted all the shifts in the wrong directions it has taken over the years.

  • Heavy regulation: Check.
  • Censorship and truth manipulation: Check.
  • Privacy intrusion and tracking: Check.
  • Everything’s an ad: Yeah!

and worst of all…

  • EU enforced Cookie banners