That wasn’t actually my goal for it to be “negative” so I guess I sort of failed there.

I just noticed that those single-skill people in teams have bad communication and despite all that knowledge of what’s good and what works the overall design quality seems to decrease year by year.

Of course on the other hand you’re right — there are dribbble “artists” but I don’t really put them in the design category either. I meant a more versatile person who knows how to design, but it doesn’t have to be sugar-saturated eye-candy. It just has to make sense visually.

The goal would be to have someone super-skilled in UI design while the rest of the team can make a “decent” UI. That leads to the team being able to talk about the UI and come up with ideas without the communication gaps between the skills.

Not trying to push “unicorn designer only” methods — just trying to see if all those types of “designers” can try harder to learn skills outside from their direct expertise so we don’t end up with shit products :)


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