Thanks for the comment,

A true 100% in all fields unicorn is not really possible. But I have taught myself all the surrounding areas to at least a “really good” level. Including all the soft skills around actual designing and all the research and analysis. So I can if necessary do the entire process myself (which I also say that shouldn’t happen with just one person, two with large skillsets is ideal)

I’m actually helping young designers as often as I can (and mostly for free) to understand the process instead of being sucked into someone else’s processes.

As I said in the article — we know so much about proper flows and “good experiences” yet more and more products, especially from large teams — are quite horrible, frustrating and in many cases just stupid.

It’s not THAT difficult to become an almost-unicorn. It just takes dedication and passion for the craft and in the end I’d really like to use products made by dedicated and passionate people.

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