Sora: End of creativity part 2

The internet split will also contain video now.

Michal Malewicz


SORA open AI

It costs about $1.9M to make a single minute of a Pixar animation.

That’s $31,000 per second. Many traditional movies exceed even that.

Let’s talk about OpenAI’s Sora

Just a short while ago Sam Altman said he needs about 7 TRILLION dollars to push AI truly forward. The main needs are in building AI specific microchips and thermonuclear power plants to run the models of the future.

Raising that much money is definitely going to be difficult, but to the surprise of almost everyone one week later they showcased SORA — an AI prompt-to-video generator.

open AI sora generated movie
Source: OpenAI Sora

Text to video isn’t all that new. Models like that have existed in the past, as well as models that were able to animate static images and photos.

Good movies can cost almost $2M per minute to make

What’s remarkable here is the quality, visual fidelity and the fact that the videos can be up to a minute in length. In the example above, if you could generate one minute like that and still have a good story and voice acting you’d be saving almost $2M.

AI based YouTube workflow

The split

The obvious use cases are of course non-professional videos. YouTuber B-roll materials and educational content that may just need a voiceover — likely done by some other AI from a script generated by chat GPT.

All parts of the production can be automated this way

Of course you can guide the AI’s or even manually modify and adjust things but let’s be honest here. Most people won’t do that and simply spit out massive amounts of completely automatic content.

This will result in a couple of things.

  1. There will be a lot more content to choose from