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Designing User Interfaces Course

Hi! 👋

After the success of Designing User Interfaces (~4000 books sold 🎉), we surveyed our customers asking what kind of materials would they like us to do next. The results were quite staggering.

I started gathering ideas around November 2020, wrote the script and recorded some initial videos. And yes, you can preorder it at 70% off right now (until it lasts, and at this rate it won’t last too long 😅)

But then I realised I need to do more research.

Next to my university class, I also started giving feedback to junior designers looking for their first job and went through the entire Google UX Course. The biggest issues in the Google Course were around how they teach UI — it just simply wasn’t hands on enough and the interfaces were pretty ugly, while not even being all that functional.

I knew I can do better 😎

I gave direct feedback to over 200 junior designers, out of which I know that 12 people did get their dream job, but most of the rest have also improved greatly.

Distilling all that knowledge

Doing all that I realised there is a certain set of issues, problems and mistakes that designers make. A lot of my feedback was about repeating the same patterns over and over.

This knowledge became the base for my upcoming course. On some of the exercises I also tried a somewhat unusual technique, that nobody else has done in a course ever before — and with great results.

I believe that if you have the motivation, taking this course will help you a lot.

But don’t take my word for it. Take my other word for it in this video:

Price, launch and more

The course will cost $109 including a feedback round from me. Yes, I will personally give detailed feedback to everyone on their final assignments. It will launch on June 10th 2021 and will be a set of high-quality, extremely detailed videos that you can watch at your own pace.

But during the preorder you can grab the entire course including the feedback for $39. That’s over 70% off! The reason for this price is that we believe everyone should be able to have a chance to get this course, including designers from developing countries. The value of this is at least 10x higher than $35, but we just want to see designers grow ❤️

There are only 1000 preorder slots and we already went through most of them in just a few days, so it’s best to hurry and preorder now:

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All the best and keep designing daily!


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