Post-Design Era

What Dribbble’s new direction means for the future of design

Michal Malewicz
4 min readAug 31, 2023


We are entering a post-design era and Dribbble’s latest redesign is a testiment to that.

While most people talk about whether the new logo is better or worse, I prefer to look at it on a deeper level.

The logo doesn’t matter, what matters is what this change signifies.

Why this change? And why NOW?

Dribbble new logo
Seriously? Does this even matter?

My Dribbble Story

Dribbble used to be an exclusive club based on quality of work.

I got my Dribbble invite in 2012 and I remember that I went out to celebrate that day. It was big.

It seriously made my day and the first few years there uploading, interacting with other designers — it was pure magic.

Dribbble used to be cool

Designing some real products (not just “dribbble shots”) often led to interesting discussions in the comments and some pretty good ideas.