My morning routine

to increase productivity, creativity and wellbeing

I mostly write about design and achieving success in that field.

Moving the pixels / rectangles around is only a part of the story. There’s an often overlooked area, that is just as important to being great, as the rectangle-stacking skills of a productive designer.

Let me start you with this thought:

Morning routines are super important.

They’re what sets up your day for either a good run, or a bouncing failure — from one to the next. The routine shouldn’t be 100% set in stone — you should experiment and modify it. See what works and keep it, see what doesn’t and replace it.

After years of trying I have finally found one that works for me. It takes about an hour in the morning, so requires going to bed early, but that’s an additional benefit.

Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof Method

1️⃣ Wim Hof Method breathing

The first step is the Wim Hof method breathing. This breathing technique (you can get an app too) is all about taking rapid, deep inhales for some time, then exhaling and holding your breath for as long as you can. And then repeating a round like this a couple more times.

I’ve been doing this part of the routine daily for 546 days now, without skipping a single one. This is what starts my day, sets the tone and prepares me to be awesome for the next 16 hours.

Wim Hof breathing sessions
Wim Hof breathing sessions
Didn’t skip a single day, and held my breath for over 100 hours!

2️⃣ Plank for 80 seconds

I added regular planking to my Routine in February of this year. Started with 30 seconds and gradually moved it up by adding a second each day.

That’s a great way to see progress over time without feeling too stressed.

I stopped at around 80 seconds for now, as it still gives my core the much needed workout.

If you’re sitting all day (designing awesome things) planking can be a great way to make your back stronger and prevent pain and injury.


3️⃣ Ten Pushups

Pushups are another exercise that strengthens the core, and obviously the chest and arms. While sitting all day, our arms are often at angles they weren’t really designed to be.

Sitting still for hours with arms stretched forward leads to upper-back pain, and sadly it’s something I’ve been struggling with myself.

Pushups are helping quite a lot. And if you’re not feeling strong enough you can start with pushups with your knees on the ground. Just remember to keep your elbows close to your body, back straight and keep the full range of motion (as low down as you can, and as high up as possible)

Stretching routine
Stretching routine

4️⃣ 15 minute stretching routine

I finish it all off with a full-body stretch. This is the last addition to my Routine, but it’s in for almost a month now and the benefits are clear.

Less pain, less fatigue and more energy.

I’m doing a slightly modified version of This Routine currently, but once it becomes too easy I’ll switch it up.

⏰ 1 hour every day

My full routine takes a little under one hour every single day. Some may think it’s wasted time, but once you commit to being consistent and start seeing the benefits, you’ll realise that it’s simply necessary.

I live by the beach, so if the weather is good, I simply do it outside to also catch some sun ☀️

It also resets the brain in the morning. That leads to increased creativity, productivity and much better mood!

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