Most designs are boring.

How AirBNB brought back UI delight!

Michal Malewicz
4 min readMay 9, 2023


airbnb 2023 redesign

Design is getting boring!

It feels like the industry tries design systemize everything and create correct but boring work.

The main premise is that it works on the business, technology and usability levels so it must be good. And most of the time it obviously is.

It’s also safe and cost effective so naturally it almost always wins.

The easy way out.

business technology and usability intersection in design

I think design industry has a creativity problem.

Let’s start by stating that design doesn’t necessarily need to be creative — it needs to solve a problem. It means most products need to focus on just that — solving the users problem with minimum friction.

Sure! But we really should at least sometimes think about the users delight too!

Good design is solving the users problem with minimum friction and in the most cost-effective way

I remember in the early two-thousands making websites was always an experience full of…