Most designers fail at this.

One crucial skill that a lot of juniors are not learning.

Michal Malewicz
2 min readAug 9, 2022


Web design course

Mobile is the future!

It sure is, but some junior designers take that a little bit too seriously. They start by learning mobile app design and then … stop there.

The web is still here and it’s not going anywhere, even if it’s accessed more often on smaller displays.

Most junior designers really struggle with designing for anything larger than a phone. Even tablets get problematic.

I decided to change this and on Thursday, August 11th I’m releasing my first ever web design course. Over 5 hours of video content and best practices from my 23 years of experience designing for the web and hundreds of completed projects.

The project we’ll be doing is portfolio friendly, and the course is structured in a way in which each participant will make a different project — so they can add it to their portfolios next to all those mobile apps :)

Web design course
This is what we’re going to design together — it includes many types of screens that are often used in web based SaaS apps.

Preorder ends on August 11th