Let’s make some cool things!


2020 is nearly over — whew! But I wanted to remind you, that you can still follow some of these tutorials, explore new ideas and grow as a designer.

I strongly believe, that using only pre-made components is not the best way to get better. You can get a lot of inspiration from different techniques, like 3d, glassmorphism, neumorphism and even good old skeuomorphism.

Yes — I’m suggesting you try a wooden shelf UI in 2020 and it’s not a joke :) Just don’t offer it to a client, but try it nevertheless.

And next year we’ll also play around with some voxels — it’s easy and super fun, and the app to make them is free!


This was one of my first voxel attempts, but after that I learned to do lights and more complex structures. This is pure fun! And we’re going to learn the basics of this super fun technique. Some of these you can then export and use as design illustrations, or fully coded, 3d worlds that you can interact with on the web.

So try these before the year ends and have fun!


And as a bonus see what I think about companies looking for junior designers with 5 years of experience.




⬜️ YouTube: https://youtube.com//MalewiczHype 🟥 We build the future at www.hype4.com

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Michal Malewicz

Michal Malewicz

⬜️ YouTube: https://youtube.com//MalewiczHype 🟥 We build the future at www.hype4.com

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