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Sharing my free content in a single YouTube Playlist

Michal Malewicz
1 min readMay 29, 2021


UI Design edu playlist

I finally grouped all my free UI design tutorials into a single playlist. You can go through them one by one and discover some of my techniques and helpful tips to design better.

You can find the playlist here, starting with the first video on UI Hierarchy.

I also created a Twitter thread where every day I will write another tweet about another free UI video — why it’s good to learn it and what to focus on.

And if you haven’t make sure to Follow me on Twitter right now so you won’t miss it :)

This free UI course is a starter before I launch the paid UI course that I am working on right now.

But if for any reason you can’t afford the paid course, you can still learn quite a lot from the free videos. Obviously it’s not going to be structured the way the paid course is, but it’s better than nothing.

Let me know if my videos were helpful and keep designing!

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