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My free tutorial section is growing fast!

When I started my YouTube channel in April of 2020, I didn’t know what kind of videos I’ll be making exactly. One type, that caught on the most among my subscribers was design tutorials.

I got so many requests in the recent weeks, that I decided to mix things up and do tutorials on more than one type of work.

In this post I’ll cover three recent ones that I think you’ll find interesting.

They all bring something to the table to help you boost your skills to another level. Each one enables you to progress fast and grow as a designer. And that means better projects, better clients, more money and feeling happy about what you do.

So let’s begin, shall we?

Mobile Form design basics

The super basics of 2D UI design. It’s done in Sketch but you can use any tool you like. In this short tutorial I guide you through the process of designing a login form for a mobile app. This is a great start into a UI design career as it covers the basics of mobile app design, but also how to handle forms, touch targets and proper grids.

InVision Studio Animation Tutorial

I love how easy it is to create stunning portfolio pieces in InVision Studio. And the app is free! Now there are no excuses but to try and create a nice, high-fidelity UI animation of your favorite TV Show. I’m starting with simple, “ugly” shapes to cover the basics of this animation, and then replace it with high-fidelity images at the end.

This is easy to follow and will make your portfolio shine!

Spline 3D basics tutorial for UI designers

Spline is a brand new 3D design tool that’s heavily influenced by the workflow of our favorite, modern design tools. If you ever used Sketch or Figma, you’ll feel right at home in Spline. After using it for about 10 minutes and figuring out the basics, I decided to start a new project and this tutorial came to be.

I had no huge previous experience with 3D, only 2D design, so being able to create a nice looking iPhone mockup in full 3D in 15 minutes was mindblowing!

You can download and try Spline for free, and adding that extra depth gives you more perspective for your regular design work.

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