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Here’s what you may have missed

My YouTube channel just reached 7000 subscribers, so it’s time for a short summary.

Because I believe curiosity and fun are essential not to go insane as a designer, I’m not just doing the tutorials (even though they’re the most popular) but I also try to show you other ways of being creative and exploring.

Let’s go.

Here’s what happened between 6 and 7K:

Audits and UI design tutorials

These take a bit longer to make, but they’re always fun. It’s all about quickly identifying the patterns and finding quick solutions that can be tested later.

Glassmorphism and Soft Backgrounds

Diana has created a beautiful tutorial on our Instagram page (give us a Follow while you’re there 🤗) and I decided to recreate it as a video as well.

Many of you have already tried this and I’m happy to say the results are mostly great! Good job! But glassmorphic elements work best when they’re matched with a soft, blurred (aurora type) background so I made two tutorials going over three distinct ways of making those backgrounds your own.

And last but not least: VOXELS

Voxels are a nice, relaxing way of exploring 3D for beginners. The tools are mostly free and easy to learn, but give you enough design principles to start learning more complex 3d tools (like Spline or Blender) later.

I started a cool little project, where we try to recreate our workspace (room, desk, computer etc.) on voxels. Two parts are already out and this is as far as we got. Make sure to follow the tutorial, but make your own workspace instead of copying mine!

Voxel art tutorial
Voxel art tutorial


Start with this video to get the basics of Magica Voxel.

Workspace building

And then go into these:

Which videos were your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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