Junior designers are f***?

Massive layoffs and paused hiring is sweeping the tech scene.

Michal Malewicz


Junior designer tips for recession


The recession has started, but for a while there the job market looked better than ever.

Companies like Coinbase hired thousands of people in 2021 just to fire them in 2022 — someone had overestimated or are we heading into bad times for jobs?

“What do you mean wages are dropping? I think they’re only going up!” — A friend had said to me just four months ago.

Then things started picking up the pace.

Tesla is firing 10% of the workforce, Meta is pausing hiring and expects people to work harder — articles from Reuters and MarketWatch
Article fragments from Reuters and MarketWatch

I’ve been there…

In 2009 I got laid off/quit from an agency that I worked at for years. While the reasons weren’t economic, the job market at that point was still recovering from the 2008 economic collapse. It was tough.

I remember working freelance, not being paid in time and begging my landlord for another extension on the rent payment. But I managed to survive and I want to share a couple of tips with you on what can help you survive as well.

Facebook apple amazon netflix google


Many junior designers have a dream of working for FAANG. That means Facebook (or rather Meta), Apple, Amazon, Netflix or Google.

Who can blame them — a steady job at a major tech company and an opportunity to work on something millions of people will use sounds great on paper, doesn’t it?

Facebook bad times

Well now that dream is cracking and it’ll be increasingly harder to work for the big tech players. Many junior designers who are tirelessly fighting through the Google UX Course are now seeing that that “Job at Google” may not be in their cards after all.