I’m also on YouTube now.

Getting out of my comfort zone while trying to help others get better 😎

When the lockdown started we just released the book. But many people asked me about some design tips and tutorials in video form. I did some live-streams before, but never really considered doing YouTube as much.

But then the lockdown happened.

So being stuck at home with a camera, one thing led to another and now I have a YouTube channel.

So what is it about?

There are currently three main branches of the channel.


Obviously it’s about Design. A lot of UI + Interaction tips, but also UX and some Research methods. I will start some more “super basic” series on how to start working on UI’s in the coming weeks.

So it ranges from a full, multi-piece, free inVision Studio Tutorial, to various design tips and beginner-friendly videos. Most of those videos have a red-pink thumbnail.

I also cover some industry myths and try to tackle some slightly more serious issues with UX/UI design. Like where it’s going and what I’m noticing as a CEO of an agency at the moment. Changes, trends and so on. These are in Blue.

And last but not least I audit the designs the viewers send — these are cyan (but will change to pink soon). If you want your design to be analysed live, send it to me :)

Hacking a better life

Breathing, meditation, small life-hacks and dopamine detoxes. This is a passion of mine and I plan to share a lot of my experiments. These videos are mostly green/cyan.


I’m very productivity oriented, so almost every friday I’m doing a short video with some productivity tips. And it’s called … You guessed it: Productivity Friday.

These videos thumbnails are Purple, so they’re easier to find.

Who is it for?

I am talking quite a bit about product design (digital product design) so obviously designers, both junior and senior are the group I’ll be talking to the most.

But if you’re not a designer, you can still take a look at the productivity and life-hacking parts :)

So thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe the channel and like some videos there ;-)


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👉 My UI book: www.designingui.com 👉 My Design YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/MalewiczHype 👉 We build apps at www.hype4.com

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