I think I’ve had both really great clients (thankfully) and worked with really bad designers (award-winning know-it-all type who only contribute by talking a lot).

So the exaggeration here is mostly to survive in the clickbait era, but the trend is happening. And to sum it up in a much shorter way — if someone is TRULY dedicated to their startup and truly believe in it, they tend to be able to come up with pretty good ux-grunt-work.

And yes, after that we take over and guide them further — modifying, simplifying and at the end making it pretty and developer ready.

And frankly I really like that shift. But that’s just me and my way of working — I hate meetings, I hate design by committee and I even hate when people open my Sketch files and make changes themselves ;-)

I actually stopped calling myself a UX designer, I just design products that work well and look good ;-)

👉 My UI book: www.designingui.com 👉 My Design YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/MalewiczHype 👉 We build apps at www.hype4.com

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