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Michal Malewicz
2 min readJun 15, 2021

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Daily UI Tips — learn with michal malewicz

The problem with many UI Tips you can find online, is that they’re often a recycled version of what someone else has done. 🤷‍♂️

In many cases while teaching you one thing, they reinforce an extra bad practice in you as well.

Example of a bad tip ☝️

Look at the header image, one tip said you should avoid vague actions like Next or OK on main CTA’s. The tip said you should replace the text in this case with “Remove”.

They did however leave both the buttons looking exactly the same, which is a very bad pattern, as the primary action should be clearly more prominent on this screen, not equal to “cancel”.

Sometimes you have to do it yourself

That’s why I started my own thread on Twitter and you can follow it right now to get new ones delivered daily. The main difference is that I only do tips that we actually tested on a real project at some point and have the data to back them up in at least one real-world™ scenario.

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And if you’re not a fan of daily reading, I will also be doing weekly recaps on my YouTube channel:

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