I help junior designers for free.

Just ask, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

As I’m nearing 16K followers here on Medium, I wanted to let you all know, that it’s not a one-way-communication. If you like what I write, you can always catch me on twitter:


And just DM me in case of any questions, ideas or general chit-chat. I try to respond to everyone, but it may take a while.

Important, if you want to ask me for feedback, please use Twitter DM for this — it makes it a lot easier to have it all in one place :)

And if you’re a junior designer…

I made an outline on how I can help you in a series of tweets:

But if you want the short story:

DM me on Twitter with some questions or just ask for feedback on your project / portfolio.

Keep in mind, that I only do it for junior designers, if you need questions on a professional, paid product you can request a regular audit.

After 20+ years in the industry, I simply want to help. 😊

That’s why I’m spending an hour every day to evaluate your stuff, for free and give you as much actionable feedback as I can.

Let’s connect!

👉 My UI book: www.designingui.com 👉 My Design YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/MalewiczHype 👉 We build apps at www.hype4.com

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