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I had 7 zoom calls in 2020.

seven zoom calls in 2020
seven zoom calls in 2020

I’m a doer. I hate long meetings that tend to be a way to run away from your “desk” for a moment and procrastinate. In 2020 that time wasting practice has moved largely to zoom.

But because I value my time, I pushed all the unnecessary meetings away. Yes, that’s right: I only had SEVEN zoom calls in 2020. (And a handful of Skypes / Hangouts).

99% of meetings could be replaced by an email with five bullet points.

I understand the need for human connection, a way to get social during a lockdown, but staring at a grid of faces is not socialising. It’s hitting snooze on your life.

Sometimes you just have to

Of course if you’re working your way up the corporate ladder you don’t really have a say in this. You can try and nudge people to use email instead, but it’s likely you’ll have to sit through your fair share of zooms.

But as soon as you gain enough respect and position in the company, start moving the needle towards more efficient ways of communication.

2020 goals

Many people used the lockdown to their advantage. I see a huge growth of the “build in public movement” with many people earning their first side-gig, online dollar.

A lot of people got fit with bodyweight exercises.

I wrote a successful book and started two more (1) (2) and grew a YouTube channel from 0 to 5000 subscribers. Had my Medium articles go over 1.5M views and more.

Wasting time vs getting ready

But many will also tell you that it’s perfectly OK if you only alternated between Zoom (for work) and Netflix (for chill) the entire year.

I don’t judge. If you’re happy with the outcome of your 2020 than it’s fine. But good things happen when you do more, and there’s no way around it. If you needed that NetflixChill™ to wind-down and do more, than it’s fine.

But if you just watched a hundred tv-shows this year, than you just zoomified your free time all over again.

For free.

I watched 2 short TV shows seasons this year and only 3 movies. I played 5 video games. I was picky because my time is the most precious thing.

I spent 2020 building things, and now in the first days of 2021 I already have a clear roadmap of what I want to do, and how I want to do it.

That clarity only comes with focus, and you can’t be focused if you’re counting down minutes on a muted zoom call.

An email would’ve sufficed.

I plan to do even less calls in 2021.

What do you think?

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