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Junior designers should change this!

Michal Malewicz
4 min readMay 29, 2023


The design industry hiring processes have become a sad joke.

Companies now ask for juniors with five years of commercial experience. Rampant overhiring by big businesses led to thousands of mid and seniors getting fired. Definition of design gets distorted with mostly unfounded AI hype.

It’s crazy!

Saying it’s a competitive field doesn’t do it justice.

a group of unemployed UX/UI designers
Hundreds of designers with portfolios looking practically the same…

It’s a battle

Companies want the best possible talent for lowest possible pay. They expect juniors with experience which is an oxymoron. You’re either a junior, or you’re experienced.

We may start crying, screeching angrily and pointing fingers to blame, but when you stop and think about it you realise that it’s completely logical.

Obviously companies want both the best and the inexpensive rolled into one person.

I’d say that those laid-off mids and seniors have it just as difficult to find a new job as the juniors now. For the former it’s the higher salary expectations, for the latter it’s lack of experience.

There’s also a recession with potentially a couple of bad years for growth overall.

All of those things add up.

Juniors have an advantage

Experience can of course be a blessing, but it can also be a curse.

When guided properly juniors can have work that’s impressive enough to get them hired just weeks after uploading the portfolio. We’ve seen this happen literally hundreds of times.

what people say

But there’s one thing they do that hurts their chances