My message to You.

Let me tell you what to expect!

Michal Malewicz
2 min readOct 19, 2021


What’s next for this profile?

Hi Friends! All 40,000 of you! Welcome!

Let me quickly explain what you can expect from this profile moving forward. But first, if you want to learn from the stuff I share, I post a lot of quick, actionable tips to my Twitter account. Follow me there so you won’t miss it.

Here’s an example:

And of course there’s more — literally hundreds of tips, explanations and hints on how to become a better designer and a happier human being.

And if you prefer to watch videos, I have a YouTube channel that’s growing pretty fast as well with most of the same ideas shared as videos. Here’s an example:

But what about Long Form Content?

Don’t worry. I’m not quitting writing, even with both short posts and videos taking most of my content creating time. I publish longer articles whenever I feel I have something to share at and they all get reposted to Medium a day after their original publication date.

You can either read it at Hype4Academy or here, as usual.

Will you come up with any design trends soon?

I noticed some patterns already for a potential trend with a funky name, but we’ll see if something meaningful emerges from that. I’ll be sharing my findings on Twitter and YouTube for sure, and when I’m ready a full Medium Article will be written.

Thank you for all the support and trust in my writing,

With ❤️