Frontend Unicorn is LIVE!

We want to help junior frontend developers level up!

If you’re a junior frontend developer, read on.

Let me start with a story.

When we started HYPE4 back in 2013, our goal was to just be a design studio. We were already doing it for years, and it was a natural progression.

So we designed.

And others — mostly external software-houses coded our designs.

The problem was, that those frontend developers were so bad at understanding design, their idea of a coded screen was for it to sort-of contain all the same things. They didn’t care about layout, colors, fonts, margins and any of that.

It led to some truly nightmarish products that we were too ashamed to even put in our portfolio.

We decided to change this

Two years later, around 2015, we started hiring our own frontend developers and teaching them design from the start. That led to SUPER PIXEL PERFECT™ products and that amazing feeling when you build truly exceptional things.

But developers understanding design is not enough

Times have changed and each year a huge number of new people join the ranks of junior frontend developers. They finish the same bootcamps, courses and classes and arrive at the job market bevildered:

What happened? Why is no one hiring me?

The problem is, that right now to get hired, knowing to code is only the first thing that should be on your list.

You also need to consider knowing:

  • Business side (the Why of what you’re building)
  • Design (so you can build it better)
  • Communication skills (so you can share your good ideas well)
  • Learning (so you can be more efficient exploring new things)
  • Debugging, focusing on the details and much much more

And our goal was to cover all this in this book. So it’s not a coding book. You already need to know how to code. But when you do, this will give you a better understanding and actionable tips on how to grow in those other areas.

That will help you to stand out and become a true unicorn.

And that was our goal from the start.

You can get the book right now at:

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Thanks for reading!

Please note, that the design sections of this book, cover the same topics that Designing UI has covered (only more condensed and developer oriented) so if you’re looking to learn just design this book may not be for you.

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