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  • John Bardos

    John Bardos

    Get the IdeaEconomy.net Creator Newsletter. Grow your audience. Build your business.

  • Melvin Foo

    Melvin Foo

    Interested in startups, business, technology, design, self-improvement, learning and reading. Founder of Whizz Mobility

  • Boris Müller

    Boris Müller

    Professor for Interaction Design at FH Potsdam, co-director of Urban Complexity Lab | http://uclab.fh-potsdam.de | http://esono.com

  • Jim Raptis

    Jim Raptis

    Building a visuals toolbox with Magicpattern.design 👈

  • Lowell Stevens

    Lowell Stevens

    Designer, writer, esports fan. Founder and creative director @ www.foxandfarthing.com

  • Clo S

    Clo S

    Founder, This Too Shall Grow • Consultant & Coach in Mindful UX & Digital Wellness

  • Dorjan Vulaj

    Dorjan Vulaj

    🖌 Solving problems with design, then writing articles for people who are in a rush. I value your time, and probably like me, you like reading on the go.

  • Ana Santos

    Ana Santos

    Design Program Manager & UX Educator with a background in design and neuropsychology, advocating for user-centered education http://ana-santos.com/welcome

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