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  • flaxenink


    UX/UI Designer

  • Samuel Harper

    Samuel Harper

    Professional UX designer and UX career coach; I help brand-new UX designers land their first jobs, excel in their first jobs, and network like a badass!

  • Albert Walicki

    Albert Walicki

    Frontend developer, entrepreneur, biker. 👉 My Frontend book: www.frontendunicorn.com 👉 We build apps at www.hype4.com

  • Albert Pawłowski

    Albert Pawłowski

    ⚡️ Geeking out and building startups @ hype4.com ⚡

  • Rubens Cantuni

    Rubens Cantuni

    Emmy-awarded Design Lead @ MetaLab (Articles are my own opinions). Author of the book http://designappsforkids.com • http://rubens.design

  • Silvia Vitali

    Silvia Vitali

    Lead Product / User Experience Designer • www.silviavitali.com

  • Luis Berumen Castro

    Luis Berumen Castro

    Sr. UX Designer & Mentor. 👋 Tell me your story! Find me at www.berumendesign.com & Let’s connect www.linkedin.com/in/luisberumen/.

  • Tiffany Horan

    Tiffany Horan

    Human-centered Technology Enthusiast. Writer, Educator, Consultant.

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