Everybody loves free stuff.

And we’re moving into a freemium economy with sharing knowledge too.

The pandemic was a catalyst for big changes in both the ways of how we work and how we spend our money. It also pushes back against over-saturation of expensive sources of knowledge like books and courses.

So long story short, I started a complete beginner mini-course for free on YouTube. This course is being updated with new content nearly every week, and that content is based on the feedback and requests I get. So it’s on-the-go completely tailored to the needs. You can find it here:

This is the very first video and the entire playlist is over 1 hour long right now.

Check out the entire channel.


Why free?

People want a free trial, and if it’s not quality enough for them, they won’t dive in for a purchase. We found it first-hand with our book — released over 50 pages so people could see what they will be getting.

This lowers the friction and helps them make that financial decision. Free content is a great way to also grow and get feedback. Obviously not everyone can afford the book, but even those who can’t can learn things from those 50 pages (lots of valuable info there) and they come back to me asking specific questions that give me insights on what kind of knowledge is most sought-after.

So I hope you guys like it, let me know what else you want me to cover in the future videos. And if you do like it, don’t forget to subscribe and like the videos so it reaches more people.



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👉 My UI book: www.designingui.com 👉 My Design YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/MalewiczHype 👉 We build apps at www.hype4.com

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