Claymorphism Tutorial

Learn how to create claymorphic style visuals!

Michal Malewicz
2 min readDec 24, 2021


Claymorphism Figma Tutorial

My Claymorphism article has become quite popular, and because of that many designers started asking how to achieve this effect in Figma.

If you haven’t yet read the original piece, you can find it here:


The tutorial is done in Figma — because it’s popular, but it works nearly exactly the same in all the design tools. I personally work in Sketch and most of the visuals you see in the cover videos for Claymorphism were also done in Sketch.

How claymorphism works?

If you need a little more context, it’s simply all about inner shadows enabling that fluffy, inflated, 3d look. Add a deep, blurred shadow underneath and you’re practically done!

If you want to learn more about the style itself, I also made a video outlining most of its perks.

What’s next for Claymorphism?

The trend is still fresh, so I’m definitely going to explore it a little bit more and update my initial articles and videos with new breakdowns and creative uses of the techniques.

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