Are we just not excited anymore?

Is everything really a solid 7/10 and “meh” ?

See the photo? It may be cliché, or “meh” but having that idea made me grin. I was genuinely happy that I thought of it. Simple. Made my morning better. Don’t care if it’s 6/10 to you.

A few days ago I finished reading „Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. It had a huge impact on me and I am still thinking about some of its ideas.

Naturally when something sparks my interest so much, I get excited about it.

Then I share the info.

And in this case I truly believe the book should be mandatory in most high-schools. It’s a top-down view of what humans are and what they’ve been. How we reshaped ourselves, the planet and everything on it in a relatively short time period. Mindblowing.

So I shared it among friends for my excitement to meet with posed indifference.

„Yeah, I read it, all quite obvious, right?”

Well… No.

It’s not all quite obvious and I don’t believe it was for you either. We are we so casually condescending all the time?

By looking a bit down on every possible „human creation” we safeguard ourselves from being here. In the moment. Appreciating something good and insightful.

Is there anything left that’s good and insightful?

Or is everything a solid 7/10 nowadays?

Real excitement still exists.

There are cases where friends greet one another with a bit of a “over the top” excitement and the following conversation also looks over-excited. But it’s not quite the problem I’m talking about. I think being excited in casual conversation is better than being boring.

The other kind is seen in kids.

“Look Mom I found a seashell!” — can’t count how many times I’ve heard a kid exclaim at the beach. The excitement there is real and genuine as life’s still a mystery.

So does it simply fade away with age?

This may be the case and of course it’s all up to our upbringing, social life and events that shape us. Two twins separated at a young age can end up with completely different levels of excitement if they grew up in different “worlds”.

But listening to people and looking around I’m starting to feel it actually can be caused by information overload. We’re staring at 5" glowing rectangles all day, and between posed instagram posts and funny cat videos some knowledge also finds its way.

But since it’s presented in a 5 second burst among the sensory overload we catalog it in our brains and move on to another insta-selfie.

Our values may have changed.

We now take everything in without judging most of it. A famous person on vacation? Check. A good book? Check. We give it the same 5 second attention span (if that) and move on.

There’s no room and no time to pause and reflect.

I’ve seen a post on twitter from someone saying they’ve meditated for 11 minutes today with AppX. Is being mindful and reaching into oneself now shareable content?

I found my inner self and reached a deeper sense of meaning. Please press like.

What I do to fight it.

First off — I don’t use instagram, facebook etc. But I do get lost in occasional YouTube time wasting — guilty.

Growing conscious of that excitement deficiency can lead to a focused effort of bringing it back.

Having a good internal filter is a must. I first separate low quality stuff from all the rest. Then I pause and think about what’s left. I give everything some time and try to truly understand it. Not just “scan and forget”.

If something stays with me after the exercise I know it’s good. And if it’s very good I get excited to have grown because of it. Everything that makes you grow as a person is important and should be cherished.

After all life’s just a bunch of experiences shaping us. If we don’t allow anything to be “great” then we’re simply swiping up through an infinite scroll of chaos until death.

I’d rate that kind of life 6/10.

Go out there and find something to be excited about!

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