Adobe ate Figma but that’s just the beginning.

Also, Figma CEO blocked me 🤣

Michal Malewicz
7 min readSep 16, 2022


Wow! What a Thursday! First, many crypto bros held their breath waiting for the Ethereum merge towards Proof of Stake. And when that horror ended without any bugs or glitches we got hit by another news.

Adobe is buying Figma.

Adobe expressed interest to purchase Figma for $20B thus having one less competitor in the UX/UI design space. I guess when you can’t innovate your way out you buy it.

To many that move may come as a surprise, but it was actually pretty transparent for a while now. There were some red-flags that may have hinted on that.

Thank you Figma!

Before we get to them, I want to make one thing clear.

I believe Figma has done an amazing job bringing design to a lot of people, especially in emerging markets. These people were able to experience, learn and grow their skills in design which would otherwise be impossible. For just that positive impact, I aplaud them! 👏

They also innovated like crazy to stay ahead of the competition which led to groundbreaking new features for the industry…