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Part 2

Another set based on 500+ projects we’ve done in the last 22 years

Hey! 🙃

Coming back with another set of FREE design tips based on our experience with real projects and real research.

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Design tips are pretty useless if they’re just pulled out of the hat or recycled from someone else’s post.


Based on 500 projects and 22 years of experience

The problem with many UI Tips you can find online, is that they’re often a recycled version of what someone else has done. 🤷‍♂️

In many cases while teaching you one thing, they reinforce an extra bad practice in you as well.

Example of a bad tip ☝️

Look at the header image, one tip said you should avoid vague actions like Next or OK on main CTA’s. The tip said you should replace the text in this case with “Remove”.

They did however leave both the buttons looking exactly the same, which is a very bad…

Blurry, pixellated photos can now become a thing of the past. Let’s reflect on all the years we had to live with them.

Computer: Enhance

It has become cliché in the 90’s crime TV shows to have someone looking through a pixellated camera feed, point at something and say “enhance this”. Back then it was laughable, as we all knew there wasn’t really any extra data in those pixels to enhance from.

Besides, if there was a higher quality or resolution, why show the pixellated version in the first place?

Cliché turned into a joke

When I started working as a designer in the early 2000’s, the highest, popular resolution for design was 1024x768, so naturally everything was a bit pixellated. …

iOS 15 just launched, and there are some interesting changes in the UI of the operating system. Let’s explore!

iOS 15 is here and there are some pretty interesting UI changes in the OS. The biggest visual difference on the home screen are the brand new Weather and Maps icons. The general style is going towards more cartoonish style, with a glassmorphic cloud on the weather icon, and bold, strong colors on the Maps.

Don’t let the gatekeepers stop you. I’ll leave the back gate open 🤗

UX Design has grown into a massive, well paid industry over the years. Designers can expect salaries on par with developers, with experienced designers being able to charge insane rates!

Obviously more people would like a larger piece of the pie, right?

Not enough designers

Currently the industry is facing a shortage of good, seasoned designers. That in turn drives the rates and wages way up.

Because that status-quo is perfect for people who started 20,15 or 10 years ago, they often unintentionally try to gate-keep the newbies or at least discourage them in some way.

In reality UX is not that difficult

By using fancy jargon, long, confusing terms…

It’s been nearly a year since I first coined the term Glassmorphism, so let’s reflect on how the trend evolved.

Read the original article at hype4.academy

What’s the big idea?

The main reason for coining the name glassmorphism was simple. The effect wasn’t new (it dates back to almost 10 years ago), but each company called it something else.

From acrylic, through frosted-glass to simply “glass effect”. Without a common name designers could agree on, there would be difficulty exploring the use-cases, inspirations and examples.

It would make learning a lot harder.

Luckily the name caught on, and as of today there are over 3500 Dribbble shots using the tag, with Neumorphism at 5500. Keep in mind, that Neumorphism has been around (as a name) for over a year longer than Glassmorphism.

First Impressions

Apparently Twitter acqui-hiring Ueno is finally paying off and we can see some progress and some new UI ideas for the platform. Including a nice, new font called Twitter Chirp.

Fleets are gone but…

While Fleets had been more of a failed experiment, and had been removed in early August of 2021, today we are seeing some more subtle, but important changes to Twitter UI design. The redesign is likely not complete, as some sections of the site still have the old style, typography and spacing, but the changes are gradually taking over the most important elements.

Clearly, the main focus for both the…

Are they going to replace your job with AI?

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

With lockdowns being lifted in more and more countries, many businesses are considering bringing their employees back to the office.

Sure, some like Google or Facebook are opening up to full Work From Home indefinitely but even they’re trying to match the wages to your home location.

However, some companies are pushing for full office work or a hybrid model like in the case of Apple, where they expect their employees to work in a 3/2 hybrid model as soon as September.

A large group of Apple employees has filed a petition for the company to allow full Work from…

Quick video analysis of what I found interesting about the upcoming operating systems

Hi friends! Here’s my quick video overview on the new changes in Mac OS and iOS announced at WWDC 2021. It’s in video form, as I think that’s the best way to quickly get through it and also show examples from the conference.

Watch it now

Non design things

Two non-design things were especially important to me. One is definitely privacy — which starts an outright war with data-driven companies living off advertising. Apple is taking no prisoners, and of course it’s all a marketing plot, but this time the user actually kind of wins (to some extent).

The other, is the possible death of…

to increase productivity, creativity and wellbeing

I mostly write about design and achieving success in that field.

Moving the pixels / rectangles around is only a part of the story. There’s an often overlooked area, that is just as important to being great, as the rectangle-stacking skills of a productive designer.

Let me start you with this thought:

Morning routines are super important.

They’re what sets up your day for either a good run, or a bouncing failure — from one to the next. The routine shouldn’t be 100% set in stone — you should experiment and modify it. See what works and keep it, see what doesn’t and replace it.

Michal Malewicz

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